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NEW! Corkscrew Cavern

Corkscrew Cavern is the first 360-degree looping waterslide in the entire Northwest! Riders step into the launching capsule, and then wait for the trap door to drop. Adrenaline kicks in as riders are propelled into a narrow 32-inch enclosed tunnel and instantly accelerate to a top speed of 38 feet per second. Powerful G-forces glue the rider to the slide the entire way around the 360-degree loop. Ride it today!

Riders must be 48"
Single rider, 300 lbs max

NEW! Cliffhanger

Do you dare? Six stories up. Four seconds down. Step inside the launching capsule and watch the trap door drop for a spine-tingling, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, nearly vertical plunge!

Riders must be 48"
Single rider, 300 lbs max

Thunder Falls

Get ready for the thunder, Idaho! Start at over 50 feet high and drop three times at exhilarating speeds before splashing into the pool below!

Riders must be 48"
2-4 riders, 250 lbs min, 500 lbs max (guests weighed as a group)

Kiddie Kowabunga

Little kids will feel big when they tube down the twists and turns of Roaring Springs' new Kiddie Slide!

Riders must be under 48"

Viper's Vortex

Blast down a four story zoomin' flume, then take a whirl into a high velocity vortex into the cool waters below! This two-person bowl ride is the newest in slide design and technology, and the first of its kind in Idaho!

Riders must be 48"
Single rider 250 lbs max, two riders 400 lbs max (guests weighed individually or in pairs)

Mammoth Canyon Family Raft Ride

Ever seen Dad scream like your little sister? While on board the four person raft, Mammoth Canyon cranks you and the family around corner after corner as the raft spins and climbs the walls like a bobsled on water.

Riders must be 42"
1-5 riders, 650 lbs max (guest weighed as a group)

White Water Bay Wave Pool

White-cap after white-cap. It's the best surf in Idaho. Equipped with a float tube and an appetite for the sea, those who test the turbulent waters of White Water Bay may spend the entire day playing in the waves.

Pipeline Mines

With darkness comes uncertainty. And that is exactly what's so thrilling about these enclosed tunnels that launch its riders and their tube blindly through the twists, turns and waterfalls into the waves below.

Riders must be 42"
Single rider 250 lbs max, two riders 400 lbs max (guests weighed individually or in pairs)

The Avalanche

Ride the icy landslide of the Avalanche! You and a friend will raft up and down this mountainous slide fast. Really fast.

Riders must be 48"

Rattlesnake Rapids

The unexpected loops, drops and embankments of Rattlesnake Rapids make this pitch black ride a high speed thrill!

Riders must be 42"

Racing Ridge

It'll get your engine started. This 350 foot aquatic drag race pits racers head-to-head all the way to the checkered flag.

Endless River

Round and round, where this river begins or ends nobody knows. This meandering quarter mile of sparkling blue water offers an afternoon of lazy rafting with a few surprises just to keep your attention.

Double Trouble Drop Slide

Get airborne. After a quick drop you'll feel gravity tugging at your toes, as these twin slides launch you skyward over the watery runway.

Riders must be 42"

Little Splash Mountain Kiddie Play Area

Being a small tot does have its advantages. With a big variety of interactive water playground equipment, and several kid-size slides, including Kiddie Kowabunga, your kids will be safely entertained for hours.

Leisure Lagoon

Ahhhhh, relax. Escape the thrills for a moment by taking a dip in the soothing waters of Leisure Lagoon.