How can I find the balance of my Pay ‘n Play?

Wristband and Season Passholders can check and add value to their balance online if the account is registered. You may also bring in your Play ‘n Pay wristband, gift card and your loaded Season Pass to the Ticket Office, the Season Pass Office, Guest Relations, and the Gift Shop to find the current balance.

How can I find the balance of my Pay ‘n Play?2023-03-16T12:31:22-06:00

Is there an incentive for teachers to participate?

Teachers who have 10 or more students complete the reading goal, will also receive one ticket. Only one ticket will be rewarded to each teacher, even if they have multiple classes complete the goal. *Homeschool educators with less than 10 students are not eligible to earn a teacher ticket. The teacher ticket is intended to reward teachers with whole classes (or whole schools) for their administrative work.

Is there an incentive for teachers to participate?2022-11-29T15:07:36-07:00

What is Roaring Springs’ swimsuit policy?

Roaring Springs, and the waterpark industry, recognize the importance of maintaining a family friendly atmosphere.  The park does not allow G-strings or thongs, as stated on our signage.  If we see or a guest reports someone wearing a G-string or thong, we will ask them to cover up or put on a more modest swimsuit.  However, cheeky swimsuits, which have been a popular swimsuit style for the past several years and are sold at the department stores, are different than G-strings or thongs because they have 3 or more inches of fabric.  It is a difficult balance to achieve, with this style of swimwear being so pervasive in the market, but we are monitoring it.  Also, no belts, buckles, chains or jeans are allowed as they can damage the slides.


What is Roaring Springs’ swimsuit policy?2021-07-02T14:11:31-06:00

Are guests required to wear face coverings at Roaring Springs?

Individuals who ARE VACCINATED don’t have to wear masks. Individuals who are NOT VACCINATED are strongly recommended to wear masks to enter & move about the park, in food & attraction lines, and in restrooms. Masks are not necessary when seated to eat & drink, or where social distancing is possible. Disposable face masks and shields are available for purchase for $1 at Roaring Springs ticket booth.

Are guests required to wear face coverings at Roaring Springs?2021-08-13T16:41:22-06:00
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