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H2Overload: A Blast from Roaring Springs’ Past

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H2Overload took Roaring Springs by storm for just four short summers from 2007-2010, but if you were a teen during that era, H2Overload was a summertime teen rite of passage, and legend that will live on forever. 

In 2007 Roaring Springs lit up the waterpark so it could be open past dark, and H2Overload exploded onto the teen-scene.  

Designed to be the ultimate sensory experience with an exciting array of entertainment in addition to the water attractions (but, let’s face it, who was actually there to swim?), H2Overload far exceeded those expectations and became an iconic memory for Treasure Valley teens for years to come. 

See & Be Seen

On warm Friday and Saturday summer nights, Roaring Springs transformed into a vibrant teen social hub. Friends met up in bikinis, board shorts, and neon sunglasses, with flip phones tucked into cut-off jean pockets.

Girls arrived with flawless makeup, straightened hair, and sun-kissed skin, while guys sported boy-band haircuts and backward baseball caps. It was summer at its best, where friendships were made, and memories were created.

Club Wave

The shade cover in front of the Wave Pool was transformed into Club Wave every Friday and Saturday Night.

Colorful club lights swept the dance floor below, as hundreds of teens bounced to Low by Flo Rida (remember Apple Bottom Jeans?). Nathan Fast from KISS 103.5 spun the hottest tracks. Break dancers spun on hands and heads. Limbo contests got lower and lower.

Club Wave was summer’s hot spot. 

Way More Than Just Water Slides 

H2Overloaders will never forget the thrill of spinning on the red Orbiter carnival ride, hanging ten on the inflatable surf machine, scrambling through inflatable obstacle courses, jousting in Sumo suits, and playing volleyball on the sandy beach by the Avalanche.  

Belly Flops, Boarders & Boas

All eyes were on the Wave Pool Stage for surprising, hilarious, and daring feats never seen since those crazy summer nights of H2Overload.

A winch pulled wake surfers across the Wave Pool as they performed tricks on a rail in the water.

The famous reptile guy, Corbin Maxey had teens eagerly lining up across the stage to hold an enormously long yellow snake.

Polynesian Fire dancers twirled flaming batons. And belly floppers of every shape and style took flying leaps off the stage for a smackdown on the water below, rewarded by cheering throngs and bragging rights

Whatever Happened To H2Overload?

As much fun as it was for over a thousand teenagers to gather every weekend for the summer’s biggest hangout at the waterpark, one can also image in the shenanigans that ensued. After four years it was time to call it a night…to leave H2Overload in the memories of those lucky enough to be the right age, in the right place, at the right time. Friday and Saturday Family Slide Nights became the much tamer version of sliding under the stars at Roaring Springs.

Could H2Overload Happen Today?

Well, maybe, if Roaring Springs’ management team wasn’t now older and wiser. But it would be a different vibe 15 years later, probably played out on TikTok and Snapchat. But also, hopefully a place for teens to connect, play, and just be kids. Fortunately, we still see that fun-filled spirit every day at Roaring Springs…just not under the lights of H2Overload.

Tiffany Quilici is Roaring Springs’ Marketing Director, longest tenured employee at 23 years, and resident historian (plus the voice of Roaring Springs!)

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