About Roaring Springs, Wahooz and the Galaxy Event Center

Serious About Fun

Roaring Springs and Wahooz are SERIOUS ABOUT FUN!  We work hard to provide an outstanding experience to every guest.  From keeping the entertainment experience fresh by adding new attractions, to recognition programs that encourage our employees to go above & beyond, we demonstrate every day that we are serious about fun.  We believe that if we are committed to creating this atmosphere, for both our guests and our employees, that everyone at Roaring Springs and Wahooz will be happy!

Core Values

We are Consistently:
  • Safe
  • Friendly
  • Clean
  • Fun

Roaring Springs Purpose Statements

Guests: To provide guests with the opportunity to have fun and make memories in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

Employees: To encourage personal growth by providing job and life skills for our employees in a fun work environment so they have the foundation and confidence to pursue their career and life goals.

We value your opinion

To keep the Roaring Springs experience new and exciting, each year we add the latest innovations in games. We conduct monthly facility inspections focused on continual maintenance and improvement. We regularly invest in our facilities to keep things looking clean and new. We also encourage our crewmembers everyday to provide friendly service that exceeds our guests expectations. We’d love to hear your comments, complaints, questions and compliments.

CEO – Pat Morandi
patrick@roaringsprings.com or 208-898-0900 Ext. 4001