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Gold Pass Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gold Pass Upgrade?2023-04-25T14:54:37-06:00

A Gold Pass Upgrade is an upgrade to a Roaring Springs Season Pass which allows the Gold Pass holder to bring in one guest per day during the waterpark season for the cost of a Gold Pass in addition to the cost of the Season Pass. The Season Pass Holder must be present at the gate with their Gold Pass Guest.

How does the Gold Pass Upgrade work?2023-05-05T14:40:11-06:00

A Gold Pass Upgrade holder will get one Gold Pass wristband and one Gold Pass card for their guest that will be scanned at the gate. The Gold Pass Upgrade Holder must be present at the entrance with their one guest per day. NOTE: Gold Passes must be purchased at the waterpark or over the phone at 208-884-8842 ext 0.

What are the benefits of a Gold Pass Upgrade?2020-08-21T06:03:55-06:00

A Gold Pass Upgrade provides the flexibility and transferability our Season Pass Holders have asked for. It allows a child to bring a different friend each visit, or a sitter or grandparent. It also works for a dad or a teen who only comes to the waterpark occasionally. We believe a Gold Pass Upgrade will truly enhance your experience at Roaring Springs for the entire summer, and it takes less than six guest visits to pay off your Gold Pass Upgrade.

How much does a Gold Pass Upgrade cost?2022-08-30T10:16:30-06:00

A Gold Pass Upgrade costs $210+tax IN ADDITION TO the cost of a Season Pass. For example, if you paid $159.99+tax for a Season Pass, it would cost $210+tax more for a Gold Pass Upgrade, for a total of $369.99+tax.

Can I buy only a Gold Pass Upgrade?2020-08-21T06:03:54-06:00

No, you must purchase a regular Roaring Springs Season Pass first, then upgrade it to a Gold Pass Upgrade.

Who should the Gold Pass Upgrade be assigned to?2020-08-21T06:03:53-06:00

It usually works best for families to put the Gold Pass Upgrade on one child’s Season Pass, so that child can bring a different friend, relative, or sitter each visit.

Are Gold Pass Upgrades valid for Season Pass Perks or special events?2020-08-21T06:03:52-06:00

Gold Pass Upgrade guests are welcome to stay for Friday & Saturday Family Slide Nights. Any special events that exclude Season Pass Holders also exclude Gold Pass Upgrade Holders.

What if I already purchased my 2023 Roaring Springs Season Pass?2023-04-25T14:55:24-06:00

A Season Pass can be upgraded to a Gold Pass Upgrade at any time after the Late Summer Season Pass Sale ends. Please call or visit the waterpark to purchase.

Are Gold Pass Upgrades available during the Late Summer Season Pass sale?2020-08-21T06:03:51-06:00

No, because our Late Summer passes are deeply discounted, and because they’re good for the rest of this season and all of next, Gold Pass Upgrades are not available for this sale. You can add a Gold Pass Upgrade to your Season Pass as soon as the Late Summer sale ends in mid-September.

NOTE: All Season Pass Guidelines apply to the Gold Pass Upgrade. Using the Gold Pass Upgrade for commercial or for-profit reasons is strictly prohibited.

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