Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roaring Springs’ swimsuit policy?2021-07-02T14:11:31-06:00

Roaring Springs, and the waterpark industry, recognize the importance of maintaining a family friendly atmosphere.  The park does not allow G-strings or thongs, as stated on our signage.  If we see or a guest reports someone wearing a G-string or thong, we will ask them to cover up or put on a more modest swimsuit.  However, cheeky swimsuits, which have been a popular swimsuit style for the past several years and are sold at the department stores, are different than G-strings or thongs because they have 3 or more inches of fabric.  It is a difficult balance to achieve, with this style of swimwear being so pervasive in the market, but we are monitoring it.  Also, no belts, buckles, chains or jeans are allowed as they can damage the slides.


Does Roaring Springs have a lost & found?2022-06-20T16:48:31-06:00

Please visit this link to report your lost item and we will let you know whether or not we find it.  Due to limited storage we hold items for seven days.

What is Roaring Springs’ refund policy?2020-08-21T06:02:29-06:00

Tickets, season passes, and all vouchers purchased on this site are non-refundable. If Roaring Springs closes due to inclement weather rainchecks will be issued. Tickets, season passes, and vouchers are non-transferable and will only be accepted during the season for which they were purchased. Tickets purchased for special events are only accepted for the date and time of the event. Resale of tickets without permission of the park management is strictly prohibited.

Does the concrete get hot at Roaring Springs?2020-08-21T06:02:31-06:00

Yes, on hot days the concrete does get hot. For our guests’ comfort we strongly recommend water shoes, flip flops or sandals. You can hold your shoes going down all attractions except Cliffhanger and Corkscrew Cavern, or leave them at the bottom of the ride.

What if I have a disability? What accommodations are there for disabled guests?2020-08-21T06:02:32-06:00

Roaring Springs Waterpark is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all our guests. The White Water Bay Wave Pool and Little Splash Mountain Kiddie Play Area have zero depth entry. We also have a lift at Leisure Lagoon.  The stairs into the Endless River, located by Double Trouble have handrails and are accessible by current ADA guidelines.  The park has 13 attractions designed with towers that DO require stair climbing.  The stairs are accessible by current ADA guidelines.

Service animals are welcome at Roaring Springs Waterpark.  Service animals are limited to dogs and miniature horses that have been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Please be aware that service animals are NOT permitted on any attraction at Roaring Springs Waterpark.

Please call or email us more information at (208) 884-8842 ext 0 or email info@roaringsprings.com.

Can I bring my own shade?2020-08-21T06:02:33-06:00

Shade structures or pop up tents are not permitted within the park. However, a personal umbrella with a clamp that attaches to a chair is permitted.

What lodging is near Roaring Springs?2021-11-30T15:34:28-07:00

Please visit our Lodging Page

Does Roaring Springs allow cameras, like GoPros, drones or cell phone cameras?  2020-08-21T06:03:13-06:00

Cameras (handheld, mounted or video) are not permitted on the slides. Selfie sticks are not permitted on any attraction. Drone use is also not allowed at Roaring Springs.

Is Roaring Springs a smoke-free facility?2020-08-21T06:03:14-06:00

Yes, smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking area at the top of the park, near the men’s changing room. This includes electronic cigarettes.

Is there a fee to park?2020-08-21T06:03:15-06:00

All Roaring Springs parking is free of charge.

Is there a tube rental fee?2020-08-21T06:03:16-06:00

All tubes required for the water slides are free of charge.

What about my pet?2020-08-21T06:03:17-06:00

No pets are allowed in the waterpark. Pet Lodge provides doggie daycare, and is located approximately ¼ mile west of Roaring Springs on Overland Road. For your pet’s safety, please don’t leave them in your vehicle, RV, or tied up on Roaring Springs premises.

Can I wear water shoes or sandals on the attractions?2020-08-21T06:03:18-06:00

You can wear water shoes or sandals to walk around the park, but for your safety you will be asked to hold them when you go on the attractions. Water shoes or sandals can catch on the slide on your way down, causing possible injury. You can hold your shoes on all rides except Corkscrew Cavern and Cliffhanger, or leave them at the bottom of the ride.

What about my glasses?2020-08-21T06:03:18-06:00

You will be asked to hold your glasses in your hand when you go on the attractions.

What if there’s bad weather on the day of my visit?2020-08-21T06:03:19-06:00

If the waterpark attractions close due to bad weather you will be given a raincheck to come back to the park another day. No refunds will be issued.

Does Roaring Springs offer a military discount?2020-08-21T06:03:20-06:00

Military personnel who present their military ID at the ticket window will receive a 10% discount on full price, full day admissions. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Where can we get discounted tickets or coupons?2020-11-17T16:17:50-07:00

Roaring Springs offers many discounts and daily specials. Click here for a complete list of Discounts.

At what age can a child be unaccompanied by an adult?2020-08-21T06:03:21-06:00

Children 12 & under must be accompanied by a guardian. A guardian in this facility is a person of sufficient age, maturity, judgment, and ability to be responsible for the well-being and safety of a child.

Do I still have to pay if I don’t get in the water?2020-08-21T06:03:22-06:00

To purchase a spectator wristband, guests initially pay full general admission price at the ticket booth, and then are given a partial refund when they leave the park for the day. Any spectator seen on any attraction, including the kiddie pool, may have their wristband removed and lose their refund.

Why are there weight restrictions on some rides?2020-08-21T06:03:23-06:00

To keep our guests safe some of our rides now have minimum and maximum weight restrictions. These are newly recommended by our slide manufacturer. On Thunder Falls and Mammoth Canyon Raft Rides guests will be weighed as a group. On Pipeline Mines and Viper’s Vortex guests will be weighed individually or in pairs. Please see our Attractions page for specific height and weight requirements.

What are the height requirements for the rides?2020-08-21T06:03:23-06:00

For the safety of our guests, certain rides have height requirements: Due to a change in slide manufacturer requirements, Pipeline Mines now has a 42 inch in bare feet height restriction. 42 inches in bare feet for Mammoth Canyon Family Raft Ride, Rattlesnake Rapids and Double Trouble. 48 inches in bare feet for Thunder Falls, Viper’s Vortex and the Avalanche. There are many other rides for our smaller guests to enjoy, including Little Splash Mountain kiddie play area, with Kiddie Kowabunga tube slide (48″ maximum height). If your child is close to 42″ in bare feet or 48″ in bare feet please go to Guest Relations and ask to have them measured at Roaring Springs official Height Measurement Station. They will receive a wristband indicating which slides they’re tall enough to ride if they meet the height requirement in bare feet.

What can we wear on the water slides?2020-08-21T06:03:24-06:00

Appropriate swimwear is required, and subject to park approval. No bikini thongs, jeans, pants with rivets, belts, buckles or chains. For rider safety you may carry sunglasses and watershoes down the slides, but not wear them. Swimsuits with built-in floatation devices are not Coast Guard approved, and are not allowed on some attractions. Swim diapers are required for children who aren’t potty trained. Swim diapers are available for purchase in the gift shop.

Can I leave the park and get back in?2020-08-21T06:03:24-06:00

All guests leaving the park and planning to return later that day are required to get a hand stamp prior to leaving the park.

What type of training do Roaring Springs lifeguards receive?2020-08-21T06:03:25-06:00

To ensure guest safety and satisfaction, Roaring Springs Waterpark has partnered with Jeff Ellis & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in aquatics staff training. You may see Roaring Springs lifeguards conducting drills while the waterpark is open. If you have any questions feel free to contact a park manager.

What is Roaring Springs’ lifejacket policy?2020-08-21T06:03:25-06:00

You can bring in your own lifejackets, as long as they are US Coast Guard approved. Roaring Springs also has life jackets available at no charge. Swimsuits with built-in floatation devices are not Coast Guard approved, and are not allowed on some attractions.

For improved safety in the Wave Pool, Roaring Springs STRONGLY RECOMMENDS all guests under 42″ wear a lifejacket in the Wave Pool. We also recommend that parents keep their children within arms reach during all water activities. We strongly recommend all guests under 48″ or who are weak or non-swimmers wear lifejackets where appropriate.

Can we bring food into the park for infants?2020-08-21T06:03:48-06:00

Roaring Springs allows small portions of snacks and baby food into the park for children two years and younger, as well as baby formula, milk or juice in plastic bottles or cups, no glass. An admissions supervisor will approve your baby’s food before you enter the waterpark.
Kids Call Home Phone
Kids can make local calls home anytime for free from Roaring Springs Guest Relations office.

Can we bring our own food and drink into the park?2020-08-21T06:03:48-06:00

Food, beverages and coolers may not be brought inside the park. Water in clear, plastic bottles is allowed (no flavored waters or sports drinks). You can bring soft sided coolers to store your water bottles, no hard sided coolers are allowed in the waterpark. You’re also welcome to pack your own picnic to enjoy in our picnic area located outside of the waterpark. Please pack a cooler to leave in your car until you’re ready to eat. Barbecue grills are not allowed. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on waterpark grounds.

What forms of payment do you accept?2020-08-21T06:03:49-06:00

Roaring Springs accepts cash, and Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express at the park and for online purchases. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are also accepted. Checks are only accepted for season pass sales and groups.

Does Roaring Springs have lockers?2020-11-09T14:55:52-07:00

Roaring Springs has new electronic lockers, which means no more keys and no more deposits!

Jumbo Locker: 18″W x 27.2″D x 24.5″H     $15
Large Locker:   15″W x 18″D x 18″H           $12
Small Locker:   12″W x 20″D x 14.7″H        $10
Season Pass Locker Rental                        $75


How do we find Roaring Springs?2020-08-21T06:03:49-06:00

Roaring Springs is located off I-84 at exit 44 in Meridian, Idaho. The park is approximately six miles west of Boise. Click here for Driving Directions.

Can guests bring their own floatation devices?2022-07-12T12:25:51-06:00

Life jackets must be US Coast Guard approved. Swimsuits with built-in flotation are allowed only in areas where lifejackets are allowed and require adult supervision. Non-park flotation devices (noodles, rings, water wings etc.) are permitted at Bearfoot Bay, Leisure Lagoon, and in the Endless River with adult supervision.

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