Are guests required to wear masks at Roaring Springs?

Per Ada County’s order starting July 15, 2020, face coverings WILL BE required to enter the waterpark, in food lines, gift shop and restrooms for every guest over the age of 2*.

Face coverings WILL NOT be permitted in the water.  Keep your mask in a dry place when on towers, slides or in pools.

Guests will not be required to wear face coverings in cabanas or on pool furniture, as long as they are socially distanced from other guests.  Pool furniture is arranged in pods for social distancing.

Masks are available for $1 at the ticket booth.

*Persons who cannot tolerate wearing a mask due to medical, ADA, hearing impairment or other reasons are exempt.

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Will all employees wear masks in the waterpark?

All employees will be required to wear masks, with the exception of lifeguards guarding bodies of water such as the Wave Pool, Endless River, Bearfoot Bay and catch pools at the bottoms of slides. Our aquatic risk management consultants are strongly recommending lifeguards NOT wear masks when guarding bodies of water most significantly due to safety hazards masks pose when submerged in water. Additionally, masks may delay care when a lifeguard is required to blow their whistle during an aquatic emergency.


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Will the number of swimmers be limited in pools?

Yes, the number of swimmers will be limited to 50% capacity in the Wave Pool, Endless River, Leisure Lagoon and Bearfoot Bay.  We will not be releasing the number of swimmers allowed in each pool, but capacities will follow guidelines in the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code. All other attractions create social distance as riders are dispatched.

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How will queuing lines work on the slide towers?

Stickers will be placed on the tower stairs every six feet and families will be allowed to stand together.  Once the line reaches the bottom of the stairs queuing will no longer be allowed to prevent long lines that extend into other socially distanced areas.  Guests will be asked to come back once there is room to line up on the stairs.

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How will the temperature checks be handled for guests?

As guests arrive at the waterpark they will pull up to a temperature check station and stay in their car while a first aid certified employee wearing personal protective equipment checks each person’s temperature through open car windows.  The employee will hold a touch-free infrared thermometer two inches from the forehead.  If any person has a temperature at or above 100.3 degrees the temperature checks will stop and the party will be asked to return home until symptoms have resolved without fever reducing medication. To protect guest privacy we will not be recording any temperatures.  It will be a simple three second scan.

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