What is Roaring Springs’ swimsuit policy?

Roaring Springs, and the waterpark industry, recognize the importance of maintaining a family friendly atmosphere.  The park does not allow G-strings or thongs, as stated on our signage.  If we see or a guest reports someone wearing a G-string or thong, we will ask them to cover up or put on a more modest swimsuit.  However, cheeky swimsuits, which have been a popular swimsuit style for the past several years and are sold at the department stores, are different than G-strings or thongs because they have 3 or more inches of fabric.  It is a difficult balance to achieve, with this style of swimwear being so pervasive in the market, but we are monitoring it.  Also, no belts, buckles, chains or jeans are allowed as they can damage the slides.


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What is Roaring Springs’ refund policy?

Tickets, season passes, and all vouchers purchased on this site are non-refundable. If Roaring Springs closes due to inclement weather rainchecks will be issued. Tickets, season passes, and vouchers are non-transferable and will only be accepted during the season for which they were purchased. Tickets purchased for special events are only accepted for the date and time of the event. Resale of tickets without permission of the park management is strictly prohibited.

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Does the concrete get hot at Roaring Springs?

Yes, on hot days the concrete does get hot. For our guests’ comfort we strongly recommend water shoes, flip flops or sandals. You can hold your shoes going down all attractions except Cliffhanger and Corkscrew Cavern, or leave them at the bottom of the ride.

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What if I have a disability? What accommodations are there for disabled guests?

Roaring Springs Waterpark is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all our guests. The White Water Bay Wave Pool and Little Splash Mountain Kiddie Play Area have zero depth entry. We also have a lift at Leisure Lagoon.  The stairs into the Endless River, located by Double Trouble have handrails and are accessible by current ADA guidelines.  The park has 13 attractions designed with towers that DO require stair climbing.  The stairs are accessible by current ADA guidelines.

Service animals are welcome at Roaring Springs Waterpark.  Service animals are limited to dogs and miniature horses that have been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Please be aware that service animals are NOT permitted on any attraction at Roaring Springs Waterpark.

Please call or email us more information at (208) 884-8842 ext 0 or email info@roaringsprings.com.

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Can I bring my own shade?

Shade structures or pop up tents are not permitted within the park. However, a personal umbrella with a clamp that attaches to a chair is permitted.

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Is Roaring Springs a smoke-free facility?

Yes, smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking area at the top of the park, near the men’s changing room. This includes electronic cigarettes.

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