SAVE on Roaring Springs tickets and EARN money for your school!

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  • School FUNDays are usually organized by the PTA or PTO
  • We give your school a user name & password for families to purchase tickets online
  • We give you fliers & posters to promote the fundraiser
  • $2 from each ticket purchased goes to the school (must sell 25 tickets to receive $2 per ticket)
  • Tickets are used by families on an individual basis. This is not a school-sponsored event. It is free for schools to participate.


Full Day Admission ($10 off!)

Tickets valid May 9-July 4, 2020 (extend tickets to the end of the season for a $5+tax surcharge per ticket)

Sign up your school by May 31, 2021 and get 2 FREE TICKETS.

NOTICE: School FUNDays tickets are for the private, exclusive use of a school and its families. The user name & password are NOT TO BE SHARED with anyone who does not attend the school. Posting the user name and password to any form of social media is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We will immediately revoke your school’s FUNDay ticket privileges if the user name & password are shared outside of your school.

To sign up for a School FUNDay please call 884-8842 ext 4007 or email