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Roaring Readers

Registration for the 2018/2019 school year is now closed. 

The Roaring Reader Program is a recreational reading incentive program for students in Elementary School. It rewards students for reading outside of school. Each student who completes the required minutes of recreational reading will receive a FREE Roaring Springs Waterpark Day Ticket ($32.99 value).

The free Roaring Reader tickets are valid for one(1) FREE Full Day Ticket from May 11, 2019 - July 4, 2019 only, no exceptions. From July 5- September 02, 2019 any unused Roaring Reader ticket will be valid for a 'Buy One General or Junior Full Day Ticket Get One Free' offer. The Buy One Get One Free Offer is not valid on Saturdays or with any other promotion, coupon, daily special, or discount. General or Junior Tickets must be purchased at the Roaring Springs Ticket Office to receive the buy one get one free offer.

Registration for the 2018/2019 school year is now closed. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can participate?

The Roaring Reader Program is for students in Elementary School. Only students in those grades are eligible to participate. Only students and teachers whose schools are registered are eligible to participate.

Schools include traditional schools (public, private and parochial schools) and home schools.

Can my homeschool students participate?

Yes, if you are a home educator and your elementary student does not attend another educational facility, you are eligible to participate.

Can virtual/online schools participate?

Yes, as long as the students participating are in elementary school.

Can pre-school, after-care or day-care facilities participate?

No, while other organizations (for example, Boys & Girls Clubs, Before and After School Programs, 4H, Youth Groups, etc.) share the love of reading, we feel that if students participate in the Roaring Reader Program in more than one place, the rewards offered will lose their effectiveness.

Is there any cost to my school?

No, the Roaring Reader Program is free to schools.

How do I enroll my school?

Annual enrollment takes place online in November for the current school year. 

Is there a deadline for registration?

The deadline for registration is December 14, 2018.

Who can enroll my school?

We accept registration from principals, librarians, reading specialists, teachers, and parent teacher organizations. Please ensure that the school has authorized this program prior to enrolling.

I am a teacher. Can I enroll just my class?

We will only accept one enrollment per school and it should include all elementary classes at the school that would like to participate in the program.

What type of reading counts?

Any recreational reading including newspapers, comic books, novels, magazines, etc. Students can read on their own, or parents can read to younger students.

Does reading for school work or homework count?

No, students must complete 600 or 800 minutes of recreational reading. This means NO homework, class assignment or required reading. 

Can students earn more than one Roaring Reader ticket?

No, students can only earn one ticket each, even if they complete more than the required minutes of recreational reading.

Is there an incentive for teachers to participate?

Each teacher who has 10 or more students complete the reading goal, the teacher will receive one ticket (same restrictions apply).

Can teachers earn more than one ticket if they have more than one class that participates?

No, teachers can only receive one ticket each.

Can the tickets be used for a school outing?

Tickets cannot be used for group events or school outings. Tickets are for individual or family visits only.

When do students complete their reading?

Schools can set the time frame for their Roaring Reader program, keeping in mind that registration starts mid-November, and completed forms are due back to the waterpark by mid-April.

When will we get the Roaring Reader tickets?

Roaring Springs will distribute the tickets to the participating schools in beginning of May. Tickets will be given to the students by the coordinator at the school.